4 Toxic Facts About Commercial Cleaners That Will Make You Cringe

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 4 Toxic Facts About Commercial Cleaners That Will Make You Cringe A lot of people think that in order to effectively clean their home, they have to use big name commercial cleaners to get the job done. For some reason the thought process ends up being use house cleaning products laden with chemicals, or don’t bother cleaning at all. There are a bunch of reasons why cleaning with everyday commercial cleaners poses serious health risks. These 4 facts alone should be a clear indication to switch from hazardous house cleaning products to something a lot safer for your family and your home!

1. Fragrant House Cleaning Products Interfere With Hormone Production

Many of us want to associate a smell with our cleaning, so that we can tell whether or not we truly succeeded in making the house clean. House cleaning products with fragrances contain phthalates, a group of chemicals commonly used to improve softness and texture. They’re found in everything from vinyl and cosmetics to food and perfumes. Phthalates are referred to as endocrine disruptors, which means that they disrupt the body’s process of producing hormones. If absorbed through the skin, the chemicals are able to travel directly through the bloodstream to the organs. This puts us at risk for a lot of health problems including thyroid issues, birth defects, reduced sperm count and even cancer! Whenever possible, reach for products that are labeled “scent free” or "fragrance free” like the Airbiotics Mist To-Go.

2. Commercial Cleaners Kill ALL Bacteria, Including The Good Guys!

That’s right, there’s a ton of good bacteria out there that gets killed off by commercial cleaners! Since our bodies need good bacteria to keep us healthy, we also want house cleaning products that leave these bacteria alone to do its thing. You see, most commercial cleaning products use an antibacterial agent known as triclosan that destroys all instances of bacteria (good or bad). The problem with using antibacterial cleaning products in the home is that we get used to them. Using products labeled “antibacterial” or “antimicrobial” for a long period of time actually makes us resistant to antibiotics. Tackle bad bacteria the right way by removing it and replacing it with a layer of good, probiotic bacteria! Our All Purpose Cleaner gets down and dirty at the microscopic level to eliminate biofilm, the nasty bacteria commercial cleaners leave behind!

3. Bleach Usage Can Lead To Respiratory Issues And Aggravated Allergies & Asthma

Bleach is like the #1 product everyone uses so they can really “deep clean” their house. Since it’s such a common commercial cleaner and so many people use it every day, wouldn’t you think more people would be aware of the dangers of cleaning with it? Nope. Not only is bleach a skin irritant, that if left on your skin for some time could cause itching, burning, tissue damage and skin lightening, but it’s also toxic as a gas! Chlorine, the ingredient found in bleach, has the ability to drastically harm the upper respiratory tract if fumes are inhaled. Plus, if you already suffer from asthma and allergies, using bleach will only make your symptoms worse.

4. House Cleaning Products Containing Ammonia Can Burn Skin, Cause Blindness And Induce Asthma

Ammonia is a chemical found in glass cleaners and, just like bleach, is a skin irritant. If a commercial cleaning product with ammonia gets on your skin it can cause serious burns and eye damage to the point of blindness. Yikes! Another problem with ammonia, and one of the worst, is that when it’s mixed with bleach a dangerous chlorine gas is created that can cause shortness of breath, nosebleeds, headaches, coughing and other serious side effects. The Airbiotics line of house cleaning products are the future of cleaning, since we use safe, probiotic bacteria to clean and protect the home instead of dangerous, toxic commercial cleaners. Learn more about cleaning your home with the power of probiotics!

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