5 Cleaning Tips To Keep Your House Organized Through A Busy Summer

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 5 Cleaning Tips To Keep Your House Organized Through A Busy Summer

Summer is here, which means school is officially out for the season. With kids home from school, it’s easy for the house to become one giant playground—which really translates into one giant breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. In the summer months, clothes and toys can pile up even quicker than usual, and dirt and grime can track up the indoors at an alarming rate. Don’t worry though; here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can keep a clean house through a busy summer.


1. Invest In Organization Bins

Does your house get tracked up with dirty soccer cleats or wet swim suits after the kids come home from a day of camp? Well, there is an easy fix to clean house. You can start with buying various organization bins depending on your family’s needs. Whether it be a shoe rack or a designated hamper, teaching children that everything has a home is an important cleaning rule that will come in handy for years to come.

2. Make Cleaning Fun For Everyone

Who’s to say that summer cleaning can’t be fun for the whole family? Getting the entire household involved in cleaning activities will bring everyone a sense of camaraderie, accountability and pride in keeping the house clean. Rather than assign cleaning tasks that can seem daunting and hard to complete, make your summer cleaning a family affair. Put on some music, give everyone something to do, and let the laughs and good times roll. Your house will be clean in no time, and more importantly you will be making fun memories. This helps to get children to associate cleaning with fun at a young age and instill the meaning of teamwork.

3. Try A New Product

With a set list of tried and true cleaning products and practices, it’s easy to get stuck in a cleaning rut. Shake up your cleaning routine by trying a new product in your home. Airbiotics Mist and All-Purpose Cleaner are unlike any other cleaning product as they harness the power of Stabiotics . The patented formula removes allergens, harmful biofilm and pathogenic bacteria, leaving in its place beneficial organic probiotics. Airbiotics mist and all-purpose cleanser will create a fresh and odor-free environment for your family.   

4. Reward Children

Getting kids involved in summer cleaning can prove to be difficult. Friends are calling for playdates and the pool and outdoors are calling too. By creating a meaningful rewards system, they will be more inclined to help out without throwing a fit. Possible rewards for completing summer cleaning can be extra play time, movie picking privileges at the next family movie night or anything else you feel is appropriate for the summer. Opting to reward children for cleaning is at your own discretion, but it can be a fun practice as you can customize it to the different seasons. 

5. Make A Plan

Since so much time is spent at home during the summer, cleaning the house can get to be overwhelming. One of the best ways to combat this stress is by making a plan. Writing things down and keeping your thoughts organized can help you prioritize which tasks are most important to complete and aid in productivity. Your summer cleaning plan can include daily, weekly or monthly chores. The best part about creating this clean house plan is that it is unique to you and your family’s needs, and it can be customized any way you’d like. With a summer chocked full of activities, cleaning doesn’t have to seem overwhelming or go ignored. Try out any of these tips and cleaning house during your busy summer will be a breeze.

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