5 DIY Autumn Scents That Will Give Your Home Festive Flare

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 5 DIY Autumn Scents That Will Give Your Home Festive Flare

The crisp air is officially here and Thanksgiving is only days away! Your closet is beginning to seem a little smaller with the arrival of winter coats, scarves and snow boots and the fireplace is waking up from a long hibernation. There’s no better time to create festive fall vibes in your home. Use these DIY natural autumn scents for a fun and safe, chemical-free way to bring out the holiday spirit for you and your family to enjoy all season long!


1. Essential Oils

These are a painless and cost-effective way to fill your hallways with all kinds of autumn scents. Soothing, vibrant or festive, there are countless fragrances to use in diffusers, or you can simply pour them in a bowl and let the aroma to disperse across your home. For the holidays, cinnamon, peppermint, nutmeg and frankincense are all scents that will make the holiday spirit in your home thrive! 

2. Pine Cones

Nothing seems more festive than the smell of fresh pine. Pick some up on your next walk, or grab them at the grocery store. Most grocers will have them in stock this time of year. Place them in a bowl and let the woodsy scent infuse throughout. These can also be used for crafts like bird feeders, or Christmas ornaments. 

3. Apple Cinnamon Potpourri

This scent is not too sweet but is seriously festive and fosters a warm and cheerful feeling that also serves as holiday decor! Any normal apple you can get at the grocery store will work and all you have to do is use a tool, like a mandolin, to remove the core and use a dehydrator or dry them in the oven at 200 degrees for a about 2-3 hours. Once they’re done, use cinnamon sticks or other spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, dried orange peels or pumpkin spice to add to the potpourri mix. Combine all the ingredients in a Mason jar or bowl of your choice. Lastly, store all together for five days, shaking the jar at least once a day. Once the scent is at your desired strength, pour into a bowl and display in your desired location. Helpful tip: you may have to break them up into smaller pieces. 

4. Just Add Baking Soda

Ah the joy of multi-tasking! Add any of your favorite spices, herbs or essential oils to baking soda then use it to clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces like the toilet or sink. Sprinkle it on, give it a good scrub then rinse off with water. Almost too easy!  Hint: This practice can be used all year long with spring and summer scents like lavender, lemon or rose.

5. Hanging Herbs

Have some fabric lying around the house or just love going to craft stores? Lace, tool, flannel, eyelet fabric or really whatever you’d like can be used for this. You will need:
  • A string of fabric (length is your choice)
  • A wire frame
  • A wire cutter or thick scissors
  • Green wire
  • Herbs of your choice (rosemary, oregano, sage, mint etc)
Using the green wire, fasten the herbs around the whole circle until it’s completely covered. Feel free to add other festive decoration. Finally, loop the fabric through and tie off at the end to hang or display and you’re done!  These autumn scents are an opportunity for your family to get together and make something from scratch that your entire home will delight in. Looking for more ways to go chemical-free in your home? Check out Airbiotics products and discover more natural cleaning techniques today!

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