5 Signs Pet Allergies Are Making You Miserable (And How To Stop It)

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 5 Signs Pet Allergies Are Making You Miserable (And How To Stop It) t’s never fun when you are allergic to animals, especially if you have them as pets! Your furry friends are part of your family, so it’s unfortunate when they cause you a slew of allergy symptoms. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re allergic to cats or allergic to dogs, ask yourself if you’ve experienced any of these allergic reactions after coming into contact with your pets.

1. Nasal Congestion So Bad You Can't Even Breathe

Do you wake up with a stuffy nose on a regular basis? Maybe you only notice a stuffed-up nose after being around your pets or only when inside your house. If you catch yourself with nasal blockage frequently, this is a red flag that you have pet allergies.

2. Facial Pressure That Makes Your Head Feel Like It's Going To Explode

Once the nasal congestion goes into effect, most people normally experience pain in their face due to the sinus pressure. Areas where this happens include the forehead, under eye area, cheeks and, of course, the nose! Symptoms like inflammation, excess mucus and headaches can all be caused by interaction with your pets.

3. Constant Runny Nose And Sneezing Has You Glued To Your Tissue Box

If you can’t spend 5 minutes around your animals without having a sneezing fit, chances are you suffer from pet allergies. Sneezing multiple times a day and constantly reaching for tissues to blow your nose should be a clear indication that you’re allergic to pets. Things like pet dander and other particles floating in the air contribute to symptoms as well. That’s why the Airbiotics Mist is great to have around the house. Just spray the mist into the air or on surfaces like your pet beds, carpet and pillows for probiotic protection against air contaminants and bacteria.

4. Itchy, Red Or Watery Eyes That Make You Look Crazy

Another obvious sign that you have pet allergies is eye irritation. Whether they’re turning red, making you itchy or just watering up, these are all indicators that you are allergic to dogs or allergic to cats. If you start to notice these changes in your eye area, don’t touch or rub your eyes! This will make the problem worse and make you even itchier. After playing with pets that you know you’re allergic to, it’s always best to wash your hands. If you need something quick and on-the-go, grab the Probiotic Hand Cleaner to safely and effectively clean your hands and shield you from bad bacteria and pathogens.

5. Skin Irritation Or Hives So Embarrassing You Can't Leave The House

The worst, and evident sign that you indeed experience pet allergies is if you get hives or rashes. In some instances when you’re allergic to pets, animal saliva plays a part in the allergies. When the saliva comes into contact with your skin, this is when your body reacts and hives start to appear. If your pet allergies get to the point where you’re breaking out into painful, itchy hives every day, it might be time to think about an overall solution so you can rid yourself of allergies but also keep your pets. Our line of Airbiotics products provide a probiotic solution for the entire house, giving you complete protection against airborne pathogens, mold, dust, pet dander and more!

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