5 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Use Probiotics To Clean

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 5 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Use Probiotics To Clean Probiotics has made a statement over the past five years, used mostly for internal reasons like the digestive track, skin, hair and overall health benefits. With the creation of Airbiotics, the world’s first patented technology that uses Probiotics to clean, there are now many ways to make use of probiotics in an external way on our home surfaces and in the air.

5 Ways To Use Probiotics To Clean

1) Release Probiotics Into the Air Use a humidifier and instead of putting water, put liquid form Probiotics in it. This allows the good bacteria to become airborne and latch on to any floating dust mites or bad bacteria. This is also a great way for you to keep the Probiotics in your system by inhaling it in. 

2) Every Surface of Your Home Counters, showers, floors, curtains, rugs, your children’s toys, anywhere bacteria can latch onto and our dead protein falls or we have sprayed commercial cleaners onto has now become a nice, cozy home for bad bacteria. The bad bacteria sticks on and can thrive off of the microorganisms feces. The probiotics deconstruct and beat out the infectious bacteria for food and make the surfaces no longer livable for the bad bacteria. Showers are the best place for bacteria to live because of the warm, moist climate. The StaBiotic™ Mist formula can be sprayed on anything, anytime to protect and promote your health. 

3) Unclog Your Sink & Shower Drains The exact way Probiotics works to clear our digestive tract, the same way you can use Probiotics to clean the passageways that get clogged. Use the liquid form Probiotics to clean your homes drains in a safe, chemical-free way 

4) On Your Pets & Their Beds Airbiotics is NonToxic , NonGMO, and 100% natural and chemical-free. If you have an indoor and outdoor pet, harmful allergens and unwanted dirt are most likely being brought into your home. In order to control the allergens from getting spread into your home, use the Airbiotics formula on your pet to ensure not only that they are safe, but you and your family are as well. 

5) Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe Have clothes or shoes that have been packed away for a while that smell musty and stale? Spray the Airbiotics Mist onto any piece of clothing or inside shoes and the normal smell will be restored. Like, comment & share!

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