6 Ways This Travel Size Cleaning Product Will Instantly Change Your Life

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 6 Ways This Travel Size Cleaning Product Will Instantly Change Your Life If you’re someone who is constantly on the go, or simply cares about the importance of cleanliness, you probably carry around a travel sized hand sanitizer or lotion that helps you either keep your hands clean throughout the day or moisturized from the hand washing soap. Travel size cleaning products are nothing new, but the way we use them and what’s inside has recently undergone a transformation.


Airbiotics has revamped the travel size cleaning products industry with the Stabiotic™ Mist TO GO in a refreshing, safe spray mist. This product is not only conveniently packaged to fit in just about any handbag, gym bag, or briefcase, but it can also go on any material, fabric, surface, and yes, your own skin. Never heard of such a formula? Airbiotics cleans with the power of external probiotics that combats against biofilm that protects bad bacteria on surfaces that commercial cleaners cannot penetrate. The live probiotics work on the microscopic level to deconstruct the protective layer of biofilm and overtake the harmful bacteria’s environment and make your home a healthier, safer place to live. After all, humans spend 90% of their lives indoors, and indoor air is the fourth biggest environmental threat.



Hotel and office furniture are riddled with bacteria. The Mist TO GO’S convenient packaging gives you the chance to take it with you on trips, out and about, or get to those hard to reach places. The formula is alcohol free and all natural so you don’t have to worry about getting headaches, or having any strong smells that others could be sensitive to.


Looking to revamp your travel sized hand sanitizer? If you’re someone that struggles with skin sensitivity to soaps or sanitizers, the mist is your ideal solution. Spray it on and let stand for about ten seconds to dry and your hands will be good to go! Shake hands with confidence of cleanliness.

Clothes & Shoes:

Have a pair of shoes or an item of clothing that is suffering from a smell the laundry detergent just can’t work out? Not to worry, the StaBiotic™ Mist can relieve that! Don’t be left with that awkward mix of cleaner and body odor. This formula is scent free, so you have the power of choosing what you want to smell like.


So your child drops his or her favorite toy on the floor and you’re in fear that it’s dirty so you take it away for their own good but now they’re throwing a screaming fit. Fear no longer! With this handy mist that can relieve your children’s toys of most all of the harmful bacteria so they can get back to being mostly occupied.

Trash Cans:

Tired of that nasty feeling you get after having to touch the screen to the trash can to throw something away, or after touching anything in a public bathroom? With the mist, you have the choice of spraying before you touch, or spraying your hands after you touch. Any bathroom can become probiotic clean when you use the StaBiotic™ Mist!

Gym Bag & Luggage:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put that gel sanitizer on bags that we carry through gyms and airports. Gyms are known to be a germ and bacteria hot spot from the humid environment and the amount of people that touch the exercise equipment each day. Spray your gym equipment or bag to steer clear of a known virus called Norovirus that can stay alive for up to a month on exercise machines. After traveling, use the mist to clean your luggage for anything that may have latched on in passing. Airbiotics is determined to give you the best products to assist in reducing the amount of germs in bacteria we come in to contact with on a daily basis. While having a powerful, safe formula, we can have one less thing to worry about knowing our sanitizers are only helpful and not harmful. Visit our website to learn more about the full product line and the science behind the power of probiotics!

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