Are Chemical Cleaners Destroying The Earth?

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Are Chemical Cleaners Destroying The Earth?

Find Out The Ugly Truth About Everyday Cleaning Supplies And How You Can Take A Stance With Airbiotics

Do we really know what we’re spraying onto our counter tops every night after dinner? Or what we’re cleaning the tub with that we bathe our child in every day? The earliest recorded evidence of humans using soap dates back to 2800 B.C. in ancient Babylon. The method of cleaning with toxins and chemicals, however, only started up in the last century during the early 1900’s in response to World War One when they discovered using “synthesized” products, or products made up of chemicals and raw materials. Why did we think it was okay to use harsh toxins and chemicals so closely as to letting them make direct contact with our bodies?

The Negative Impact Of Cleaning Supplies On The Outdoors

One of the biggest problems, besides using these toxic and harsh chemicals on our skin and around our children, is that they’re going down our drains and being funneled into the rivers and seas. A study in 2002 completed by the U.S. Geological Survey showed that nearly 70% of the water that was tested had broken down products of detergents, and 66% contained disinfectants. All around the country this is a growing concern for the fish and wildlife that are near wastewater treatment plants.

The Effects Of Cleaning Supplies On The Indoors

If you were told nowadays that chemicals and toxins are bad for you, you would probably let out a big “Duh!” and move on. Yet we continue to use them in our homes where we spend almost 90% of our time! Indoor air is actually in the top five hazardous threats to our health due to cleaning products polluting the air. Reproductive toxins, carcinogens, hormone disrupters and allergens end up evaporating into our air, collecting in dust, and ultimately negatively affecting our air quality and making us sick. Irritation to our skin, eyes, and lungs are some of the short term impacts. Possible connections to the long-term impacts can be chronic diseases like asthma or even effects on reproduction. Imagine what this means for the millions of male and female workers that make their living around hazardous cleaning supplies. Or, the children that end up exposed from accidents where they swallow toxic products. Most children are directly exposed to chemicals by simply crawling on the floor and then directly after putting their hands in their mouths. Children are often more susceptible to the effects of chemicals and toxins because their immune systems and organs are still developing.

Take A Stance With Airbiotics And Clean With Probiotics

The innovative and patented StaBiotic™ formula uses external, live probiotics. Airbiotics is alcohol free, fragrance free, nontoxic, nonGMO, and completely safe for any surface or fabric, around your children and even around or on your pets and their beds. When you use Airbiotics products, you are spreading good bacteria around your home, so that the bad bacteria can no longer thrive. Probiotics are destroying the bad bacteria’s environment by competing for their food source and deconstructing the harmful layer of biofilm that has built up over time from using commercial cleaners. Airbiotics mission is to clean with probiotics so that we can contribute to a cleaner environment and make our indoor air quality clearer and safer. Start making a difference and learn about all of the Airbiotics products today.

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