Caution: Fda Bans Triclosan In Antibacterial Soaps Giving Way To The Rise Of Probiotic Cleaners

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Caution: Fda Bans Triclosan In Antibacterial Soaps Giving Way To The Rise Of Probiotic Cleaners The Food and Drug Administration recently announced a Final Rule that requires the removal of Triclosan and Triclocarban in antibacterial and antimicrobial hand soaps and body washes that are commonly used in hospitals and schools.

What The New Rule Means For You

Triclosan, which is found in liquid, and Triclocarban, found in bar or solid soaps, are two similar antibacterial chemicals that are found in multiple consumer products such as soaps, gels, toothpastes, cosmetics and other consumer care products used on a daily basis. Laboratory tests of the chemicals have shown that they disrupt sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, which can lead to the development of breast and prostate cancer.

The 411 On The FDA

Earlier this year we saw the FDA come forward with alarming news about ethanol alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The announcement stated that the use of sanitizers made up of 60% alcohol can cause health risks since our skin begins to absorb the alcohol and can show effects in children that consistently use the sanitizers as well as women who are breast feeding. Although this was a big announcement, it was overshadowed due to the fact that no costs for concerns have come up in the past. Dr. Janet Woodcock of the FDA stated,
“We’re not trying to alarm people… Obviously ethanol and humans have co-existed for a long time so there’s a lot that’s known about it.”
The argument on triclosan and triclocarban in antibacterial soaps, however, dates back to December 2013 when a proposed rule mandated manufacturers to provide the FDA with proof that their hand soaps were safe for long-term daily use. After not being able to provide specific data that the ingredients were safe to use over time nor more effective than plain soap and water, the final rule from the FDA is to remove hand and body soaps that include one or more of 19 active ingredients.  Manufacturers will have one year to remove their products from the market or remake their formula without the active ingredients.

Why These Chemicals Raise Concern

The most alarming facts about these chemical ingredients are the resistance to the newly found “superbugs” and hormone disruption. Over time surveys have found residues of triclosan in people from ages 6 to 65, and have traced it in the blood and breast milk of nursing mothers who used products containing the active ingredient. Other disconcerting issues are the ingredients making their ways into waterways when they are washed down drains. Triclosan and Triclocarban are regularly found in sediments and sewage and can persevere for many years. These ingredients can also disturb ecosystems and cause risk to wildlife from consistent drainage to waterways.

Don’t Worry, There Is An Alternative

Probiotic cleaners, like Airbiotics, are an immediate solution to harmful, chemical-based products. Our patented formula, StaBiotics™, is clinically tested to be all-natural and eco-friendly, as well as hypoallergenic, biodegradable and food-grade; it’s safe enough to ingest. With Airbiotics, you can be worry-free when it comes to cleaning around small children and pets. We cover cleaning for every area in the home, to the on-the-go and easy-access cleaning. Our Probiotic Hand Cleaner is the ultimate natural alternative to the antibacterial soaps and sanitizers. All you have to do is lift the cap and spritz! The probiotics will gently and safely go to work without drying out you or your children's skin. What sets our products apart from others are the external probiotics. Their strong and healthy livelihood penetrates biofilm and bad bacteria found on indoor surfaces. Common commercial and chemical cleaners only work while they wet for fifteen minutes after they are sprayed, leaving the biofilm and bad bacteria to multiply and further harm your health. Airbiotics probiotic formula works for up to 3-5 days after use, giving your home a lasting, healthy clean that promotes a better and brighter well-being for you and your family.

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