Celebrating Children’s Day By Rethinking How We Clean

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Celebrating Children’s Day By Rethinking How We Clean

Is your house like this? Toys everywhere, muddy foot and paw prints, dried toothpaste on the counter, stubborn food stains — all telltale signs that kids live in your home.

These are signs of a happy, active family life; but really, you probably don’t want to look at the mess all day, every day, even if it means love.

You know how it goes. Kids are always touching counters, cabinets, and other surfaces with their hands, leaving grubby marks behind. As soon as you wipe away the smudges, in comes one of your other kids and the dog, tracking mud and dirt into the home, staining carpets and leaving a trail of dirt. Meanwhile, baby just spit up.

And when they eat, it seems the whole dining room is eating with them! Food everywhere. They swear they washed their hands, but do you believe them?

What’s a mom (or a dad) to do? We can’t solve all the household messes you’ll encounter, but we can solve a lot of them thanks to the power of probiotics! We came up with a better way to clean because we care about happy, healthy kids as much as you do.

Here Are A Few Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of:

  1. Keep a spray bottle of All Purpose Cleaner mixed and ready. Keep it handy on your kitchen counter so you can quickly wipe spills, food marks, and fingerprints. Not only is our spray bottle pretty (it really is!), you don’t have to worry about leaving it out around kids because it’s nontoxic. No need for gloves either – and the kitchen always stays clean and protected. Our All Purpose Cleaner is best for daily kitchen cleanup.
  2. Try the All Purpose Cleaner on baby rattles, teething rings, and pacifiers. Again, the cleaner is nontoxic and safe to use around little ones. Plus, your baby’s toys will be so much less germy!
  3. When you don’t believe they washed their hands — duh, it’s obvious they didn’t! — Airbiotics Hand Cleaner does the trick. You may even want to tuck one of our hand cleaners in each child’s lunchbox.
  4. Keep a bottle of Airbiotics Home Spray on your changing table. Spray it on the table cushion to protect your baby from sneezing and itching from allergies and dust mites. It will also help to control the stink.
  5. Use our All Purpose Cleaner as glass cleaner. It’s a true miracle worker with no streaks, slobber marks, or anything left behind. Be careful though, you might not realize that windows and sliding glass doors are closed because the glass is so clean and clear!
  6. Spray All Purpose Cleaner on bibs, soiled shirts, and other stained clothing items – it works to remove tough stains!
  7. Seriously, throw all your other cleaners and rubber gloves away. Airbiotics is gentle on the skin, even sensitive skin. No worries about getting dry or irritated skin when you clean!
  8. Our Home Spray is amazing on dust mites. Spray it on beds, linens, pillows, strollers — you name it – for a better night’s sleep with less sneezing and less itching! Plus, there’s no added scent, so the whole room smells fresh without fragrance.
  9. Give your kids a spray bottle and cloth and put them to work. Not only will the housework get done faster, doing chores together makes great family moments and keeps your little ones busy while you do what you need to do. They will love cleaning with Airbiotics and you will too because there are no chemicals or harsh ingredients to worry about.

For generations, parents have tackled cleaning challenges like the ones mentioned here with harsh chemicals. We have a better way — powered by probiotics. Not only is our All Purpose Cleaner a safer and gentler way to clean, it actually works!

In honor of Children’s Day, rethink your cleaning routine and make the switch to Airbiotics.

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