Cleaning Labels Debunked: The Terms You Need To Know Before Purchasing Cleaning Products

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Cleaning Labels Debunked: The Terms You Need To Know Before Purchasing Cleaning Products The world of cleaning products can be very overwhelming with choices. There are many products on the market today that make a wide variety of different claims. It’s easy to get sucked into what may seem like a too good to be true marketing message, but most of the time that’s exactly what it is. Read on to discover what these different marketing messages mean, and if they should be important to you.


If a cleaning product claims to be eco-friendly, or green, it means that the product contains ingredients that aren’t harmful to the environment.


Allergy-free cleaning products are those that are free of allergens, substances that might trigger an asthma attack. They are typically made up of very natural substances and don’t contain any harsh chemicals that might exacerbate a person’s asthma symptoms.


Gluten-free cleaning products are those products that don’t contain any form of gluten including: wheat, barley, rye or oats. Gluten can be found in a ton of household cleaners like soap and laundry detergent. Those with Celiac’s disease, gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy should steer clear of using products containing gluten in their home. When it comes to Celiac’s disease, using gluten free products is of utmost importance in the kitchen, as the autoimmune reaction can be triggered when gluten is injested.


Vegan cleaning products don’t include any animal products, and are usually labeled as cruelty-free or not tested on animals.


You might be familiar with the concept of taking probiotics, the live bacteria and yeasts that are great for your overall health and digestive system, but did you know you can achieve a safe and effective clean in your home thanks to natural probiotics? Cleaning with probiotics can be achieved with any Airbiotics product. These products harness the power of Stabiotics™ to replace dangerous pathogens and biofilm with a layer of powerful probiotics. Cleaning with probiotics is a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most household cleaners. Like the messaging on any product, one should be cautious about the marketing claims made on the labels of cleaning products. Unless the product has proper certification from trusted agencies, clinical studies or proven science behind their claims, you should proceed with caution. Doing research before buying a cleaning product is your best bet in order to get exactly what you’re looking for while saving yourself from any false advertising.

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