Different Types Of Indoor Contaminants

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Different Types Of Indoor Contaminants

When most of us think air pollution, we think smog in the sky, in a big city, smokes from burning matter, and dust in the air. They assume these are not present in their houses and therefore they have safe indoor environment they live. There is no indoor environment that has the probiotic solution for your health except you fix it. Although, there are good bacteria in the air but are usually destroyed by the layer of harmful bacteria in the atmosphere. However, indoor pollution is found sometimes to be more dangerous than air pollution outside. There are numerous substances capable of forming pollution indoors. Equipment plugged to electric power, when they are heated up, produce gases. The chemicals used in producing carpets inside the home. Dust particles found all over furniture. Allergens or dust particles from the outside which are carried indoors. These are all indoor air pollutants. Bacterium, viruses, mold spores are not left out. 

Particles in the Air 

A major cause of indoor air pollution is particles found floating in the air. Sometimes we can see these particles with an unaided eye. Otherwise, most of the particles are microscopic in nature. People carry these particles inside the house when they walk from outside. People can also carry pollen into the house with their shoes, clothes, or hair. Some people react when they come in contact with pollen. This is an allergic reaction. Also the dusts, smokes and dirt can be carried from outside into homes. Among these, there are also probiotics found in the air that enriches the atmosphere with good bacteria. Other particles except the probiotics are very toxic or dangerous to human depending on their level of exposure to the substances. 

Odours and Gases 

Odours and gases make a great contribution in air pollution. In some homes it has become a habit to spray aerosol. Most people cannot do without wearing a perfume. These are odorous gases released in the environment. Air fresheners and paint also give off odorous gases to the atmosphere. The odorous and gases are regularly produced in the homes, which contribute to indoor air pollution. These are contaminants that can only be neutralized by StaBiotic particles released by Airbiotic1. This device is one of its kind in the world because it is only produced by Airbiotics. 

Biological Contaminants 

These are dust mites, viruses, bacterium, fungus, mold spores, yeast and so many others. Moist, warm areas in the home contain biological contaminants. Places where you can commonly find biological contaminants are on beds, kitchens that are always unkempt, towels and face flannels, in the bathrooms and in the toilets. Indoor pollutions cause various health issues. Those who are asthmatic, get worse with polluted environment. Someone who is asthmatic can have series of attack when he sleeps in a bed that has dust mites, symptoms that could only be reduced by StaBiotics, a natural health solution. Airbiotic system protects you by adding safe and cleansing probiotics to the air. Headaches and allergy can also come as a result of particles and biological contaminants. Most people cough when they breathe in contaminants. Respiratory infections are the greatest danger from particles in the air and biological contaminants. StaBiotics is a natural probiotics released into the air by the use of Airbiotics1, a device manufactured and patented by Airbiotics. Airbiotics microbial StaBiotics probiotics makes the environment conducive for everyone. It provides relief for symptoms like asthma, itchy eyes, dizziness, fatigue, and other symptoms of allergy from pollutants in the air.

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