Do Away With Pet Dander Allergies This Fall With These 4 Tips

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Do Away With Pet Dander Allergies This Fall With These 4 Tips Does it seem like your furry friend’s hair is shedding more than normal now that fall is in full swing? You just got the house clean from the spring shedding season, and now it’s happening all over again. When the air starts to cool, animals begin to grow a thick winter coat. Yes, it’s cute and fuzzy, but it can get a little excessive, and start to become a nuisance when it shows up everywhere and triggers your allergies. Not to worry, read on to discover 4 tips that will help you manage pet dander allergies this fall so you don’t start pulling your hair out.

1) Brush It Off

As much as you love the way it feels when someone brushes your hair, your pet will too! Start brushing your pet for a few moments daily to capture the loose hair. Brushing your pet is beneficial for both parties. It detangles any matted hair, lifts away the excess dander, removes any dead undercoat, and makes them look nice and groomed. Make sure you’re using the right brush to ensure comfort for them. 

2) Make A Place For It

Although it’s hard to control all the pet dander from becoming airborne and getting stuck on things, one way to keep pet dander at bay is having a place for your pet to hang out that’s not the furniture. Pet beds, blankets, trees, or giving them their own pillow will give the dander a place to stick. Brushing them in these places will also be beneficial to control where the dander falls. 

3) Give Pet Dander A Spray

Giving your pets grooming love is easier said than done for some animals (like cats), but there are easier ways to put soothing solutions on them that can deactivate the allergens in the dander. Airbiotics has a line of pet products that works to alleviate allergy-laden dander and odor-causing bacteria. You can spray it directly on your pet, or spray it on a towel and wipe it on. These products are formulated with probiotics and are clinically tested to be "Kind to Skin" so they won’t irritate you or your pet’s skin. The StaBiotic Mist for Pets is ideal for spraying on pet bedding, furniture, and carpets and the All Purpose Cleaner for Pets is great for any hard surface like kennels or food and water bowls. 

4) Throw What You Know

During these peak seasons of shedding, use a throw blanket, slip cover or sheet to cover up your furniture or bedding. The pet dander can be collected in one spot that can later be washed or disposed of, and your nice furniture is kept safe! The things we do for our pets…  Pet dander and fall allergies, especially when they hit all at once, can be hard to juggle, but there are easy ways to deal with them. Tackle them with these tips so there’s nothing that can come between you and your furry friend.

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