Don't Let Your Child Go Without These 6 Things On Their Camping Checklist This Summer

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Don't Let Your Child Go Without These 6 Things On Their Camping Checklist This Summer For most kids, school is out or just about to be. The temperatures are rising and they are getting excited for summer fun like camp! Whether you’re a first-time parent or not, it’s easy to forget the essentials your child or teenager needs on their camping checklist when you have a thousand other things on your plate to worry about.

Here Are Six Must-Have Things Your Child Needs On Their Camping Checklist This Summer:

  1. Sunscreen: This is probably the most important essential for anyone that is going to be outside for long amounts of time, especially your little one! Researchers are suggesting people need to have sunscreen on at all times they plan on going outside, not just for long amounts of time like at the beach or during summer outings. Today, SPF 30 is the new 15, so make sure you grab a strong, absorbent sunscreen that will be easy for your kids to put on themselves to protect their sensitive skin.
  2. Bug Spray: Depending on what climate you live in, the amount of bugs can vary, but you never know when one will strike and bite your baby! Mosquitos are notorious for coming out in the summer time, especially after a nice rain as we all know. An all-natural bug spray could be the safest bet for your child’s camping checklist on their week without mom and dad to ensure only protection and no accidents due to any harsh ingredients.
  3. Camera: No matter how old your child is that will be attending summer camp, having a camera on the camping checklist so they can show you everything they did is a must! Their creativity will come out and they will have something to remember that short time by. Check to see what the camp allows as far as electronics. There’s always the old-school Fugifilm camera!
  4. Stationary or a Journal: Getting something that your child can write home to in or document each days experiences is a great way to harness the time your child is away from technology. They can write about what they liked about the day, the friends they made, or what they learned from a lesson or activity. Don’t forget to pack a pen!
  5. Airbiotics Probiotic Hand Cleaner: This hand cleaner is the perfect travel size and it comes in a convenient spray so you or your child can use it on anything. We know kids can never be too clean these days, and especially when they are going to be surrounded by lots of other kids, having something to sanitize with is a must-have for their camping checklist. The Probiotic Hand Cleaner is gentle on skin, and the live probiotics are in action for up to three days. This product, like all Airbiotics products, is nontoxic, nonGMO, alcohol free and scent free.
  6. Something to Remember You By: We know, this could be for more of your benefit than theirs. Sending your child off for a week or longer can be tough! Whether it’s a picture of the family or their favorite stuffed animal, having something that feels like home will help with the transition for a first time camper or any camper that struggles with home sickness. Maybe your child has no problem being independent, but deep down they will miss you, and this is a little way to bring a piece of home with them.
Summer camps help kids make great memories with new friends, try new things, and share experiences with others they may not ever have the chance of meeting. Having these six things on their camping checklist will make the process smoother for you to know they are in good hands when they are away, and for them to only have to worry about having fun! To learn more about Airbiotics products and why they are the safest choice for you and your child, click here.

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