No Dirt On Us! Airbiotics Comes Clean With Clinical Case Studies

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 No Dirt On Us! Airbiotics Comes Clean With Clinical Case Studies You’ve heard the term “clinically tested, clinically approved” plenty of times, but have you ever considered what this phrase actually means? Has anything ever been said about what exactly was being tested and therefore given a stamp of approval? In June of 2016, Airbiotics products went through three clinical case studies prepared by the Princeton Consumer Research Corporation that focused on: 1) The efficiency of our StaBiotic™ All Purpose Cleaner versus a standard household cleaner, Lysol. View complete case study 2) Irritation and sensitivity of Airbiotics products on skin. View complete case study 3) Evaluating the acceptability and ease-of-use of Airbiotics products. View complete case study

Background On Airbiotics

Airbiotics eco-friendly cleaning products are completely all natural, biodegradable and food grade. There are live probiotics in the formula, which overtake the environment of dust mites, unhealthy bacteria and any other harmful microorganisms. By using the external probiotics, a natural, healthy balance is created between the healthy and unhealthy bacteria and we can live and breathe better. Now what does this all mean for you? Let’s start with the first case study.

Case Study One: StaBiotic™ All Purpose Cleaner Vs Lysol Household Cleaner

In this case study, 70 households volunteered to partake in a single clinical laboratory test. Meaning, these households didn’t mind being guinea pigs in a two phase test to see what cleaner worked better and for a longer amount of time. The subjects undergoing the test on the two cleaners went through a brief screening, were deemed healthy and all had a head of household that was at least 18 years old. Once qualified, three different surfaces in their homes were picked two be cleaned with both of the cleaners. ATP readings, or testing the energy currency of life found in cells, were taken before the surfaces were cleaned. Then the three surfaces were cleaned with the assigned products only in the intervals one hour, three hours, five hours and twenty-four hours. ATP readings were taken after each time of cleaning, and at three days, five days and seven days. The Results The study was designed to determine which cleaner reduced a larger amount of bad microbes (bacteria, allergens and pathogens) on hard surfaces. The results confirm that the Airbiotics StaBiotic™ All Purpose Cleaner do in fact consume the bad microbes and leave the surfaces clear of contaminations for up to five days longer than Lysol. Lysol only cleared the surfaces of contaminants at the one hour and three hour time intervals.

Case Study Two: Irritation And Sensitivity To Airbiotics Products

Unlike other household cleaning products, you won’t have to worry about Airbiotics harming you or your loved ones skin. In this case study, volunteers wore a patch of the Airbiotics formula to test  claims and see whether it is truly hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, clinically tested, clinically proven, kind to skin, mild for skin and safe for skin. A total of 104 individuals deemed healthy were dosed with the test articles in the form of a patch. An induction period took place that lasted 28 days with an assessment of the skin before each replacement of the patch every two days. The ResultsThe entire study lasted 40 days with a challenge assessment performed that took place up until day 40. Under the condition of the study, the test articles are considered safe for use under claims hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, clinically tested, clinically proven, kind to skin, mild for skin and safe for skin.

Case Study Three: Evaluate The Acceptability And Ease-Of-Use

To make sure Airbiotics products are easy to use and the unique cleaning regimen would be accepted in the common household, a case study was conducted in 50 households of healthy families. Three test products were issued: 1) All Purpose Cleaner 2) Probiotic Hand Cleaner 3) StaBiotic™ Mist The families were instructed on how to use the products and were given a diary to record their uses and ensure compliance of the study over the course of two weeks. A questionnaire was given to the volunteer families before they used the products, which found the majority of the participants said they were concerned about the use of harsh chemicals around their loved ones and pets. The ResultsAfter the study, 100% of the volunteer families reported they liked the facts that chemicals were not used in Airbiotics products. 80% of users said they were satisfied with the cleaning power and 75% felt that the products worked well on all surfaces. 67% of users felt their allergy symptoms were improved with the use of the cleaning products and 51% reported that they felt their allergy symptoms were alleviated with only one use of the cleaning regimen. 100% of users felt the products were easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. Of all the people that volunteered in this study, 100% would recommend Airbiotics products to family and friends!

Tested And Approved For A Safe And Healthy Clean

Airbiotics mission is to create eco-friendly cleaning products that are all natural, yet still get a deep clean so you can breathe and live easy. With a probiotic formula, we are redefining what a true clean is and making your indoor environment safe, healthy and balanced. Have you tried the power of probiotics in your home? Explore all of our products and view our complete clinical case studies here.

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