Probiotics Vs Antibiotics - What's The Difference?

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Probiotics Vs Antibiotics - What's The Difference? We hear a lot of “biotics” terms being tossed around lately and rarely do we question the differences. What are the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to fighting and preventing viruses, or simply maintaining good overall health? Sure, the prefixes “pro” and “anti” are sufficient in letting us know what’s good and what’s bad, but what does the rest of it mean factually and more importantly what does it all mean for you and your family?

What’s The Difference?

So your doctor proscribes you a Probiotic AND an Antibiotic and it has you puzzled. The major difference is that one is use to fight and one is used to protect. Obviously we know from many years of taking Antibiotics that our doctor usually prescribes them to us when we have a virus or a cold. This is to rid your body of the bacteria that’s causing your immune system grief. While the Anti is doing its job, it’s also killing all of your body’s good bacteria. Therefore your digestive tract cannot function, or break down food properly; usually leaving you with “issues” in the restroom for a couple of days afterwards. If taken simultaneously the two bacterium work together to fight off and replenish so that you’re getting the best of both worlds. However, in some ways the Probiotics Vs Antibiotics debate still stands when it comes to what the benefits of both bacteria are.

Benefits Of Both “Iotics”

When it comes to Probiotics Vs Antibiotics, they both do have their pros and their cons. Probiotics are said to fight against Cancer, colds, and constipation. While Antibiotics play the role targeting infections that are caused by harmful bacteria, sometimes the infectious bacteria can become immune. There are some Antibiotics that are completely antibiotic-resistant and Probiotics can then work with the Antibiotics to fight back and compete with the bad bacteria.

A New Way To Fight Back

Taking Probiotics and Antibiotics have mostly always been an internal practice. Probiotics are in lots of foods making it an easy way to ingest and get your daily dose, while Antibiotics is mostly in pill form. Airbiotics has created a new technology using external Probiotics that uses the good bacteria to clean and combat with the bad bacteria. Unlike internal Probiotics that we ingest, external Probiotics clean the surfaces around us like furniture, curtains, children’s toys and more. The StaBiotic Mist™ formula deconstructs the layer of biofilm that has built up overtime that commercial cleaners are only adding to by killing both the good and bad bacterium. Probiotics are becoming more prominent in the 21stcentury for the use of overall health.  The comparison of Probiotics Vs Antibiotics will continue to evolve as medicine uncovers new ways to fight against bacteria and cure infections.

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