Why You Should Use Probiotic Cleaning Products In Your Home

by Airbiotics October 11, 2017 Why You Should Use Probiotic Cleaning Products In Your Home

The newest health trend that’s taking over 2017 revolves all around gut-health; a healthy gut equals a healthy body and it starts with the consumption of probiotics.


Probiotics are live bacteria that provide a number of health benefits and aids your digestive system. Probiotics are also referred to as “good” or “friendly” bacteria simply because they provide overall gut health and give your immune system the boost it needs. These strains of friendly bacteria naturally exist within your body but can be found in special foods and supplements.

The gut-health trend has become so popular in this age that many health advocates have created meals and snacks that are packed-full with probiotics. Nowadays you can find probiotics in your morning coffee, chocolate, butter, and even ice cream.

But why should probiotic use end there? Probiotic cleaning products provide safe and effective cleaning power for  your home.


While cleaning your homes with standard anti-bacterial cleaners may sanitize the area, it destroys not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well.

Also, breathing in those harsh chemicals is bound to give anyone a coughing fit, and it certainly isn’t good for your system, either. Research has shown that those who live in a too sterile environment are more prone to develop allergies and have a weaker immune system (Source). This is because of the lack of balance that these chemicals cause by disinfecting and eliminating both the good and the bad bacteria in our homes and bodies.

Studies have also shown that the vast majority of people spend most of their lives indoors as opposed to outside in areas that produce probiotic-rich soil. Due to this, many aren’t exposing themselves to the friendly strains of bacteria that are there to keep our guts healthy and balanced; and that’s a problem that leaving many susceptible to allergies and illness. Probiotics lead the path to a healthy life and a healthy life begins with the environment we surround ourselves in.


Probiotic cleaning products such as our All-Natural All-Purpose Cleaner is a superior alternative to house cleaners that are filled with chemicals. Instead of killing all the bacteria, this all-natural, all-purpose cleaner is packed with probiotics that help to deconstruct the biofilm which acts as a food source to dust mites and bacteria, leaving the good bacteria intact and destroying the bad.

Additionally, probiotic cleaning products help to rid homes of harmful microorganisms, pathogens, and those pesky allergens that constantly make you feel like you are sick or have allergies. They also fair well for those who have sensitive skin since they lack many of the ingredients that most chemical-based cleaners consist of.

Our all-natural cleaning products are proven to be a beneficial alternative for people who suffer from severe allergies or have asthma. The probiotics will balance your home with good bacteria and in turn, will balance your body.

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