Probiotic Cleaning Products

At Airbiotics, we are introducing a whole new way of cleaning to families all over. Instead of using those pungent, toxic chemicals that make your throat burn, your nose itch, and your eyes water. Our probiotic cleaning products leverage the power of good bacteria to clean homes effectively while promoting a healthy environment.

Cleaning with standard anti-bacterial cleaners will, no doubt, sanitize your home but what you may not realize is, not only do these cleaners rid your home of unhealthy bacteria, it eliminates good bacteria--probiotics--as well. There is a lack of balance that occurs by disinfecting your home of both good and bad bacteria. Due to this, many families aren’t being exposed to the friendly strains of bacteria that are vital in keeping our gut health balanced and regulated; this is why many are growing more and more susceptible to allergies and illness.

Our all natural cleaning products work hard to rid homes of harmful microorganisms and pathogens; not to mention all of the irksome allergens that never fail to make you sneeze. Since they are chemical free, these products can be used by those who have the most sensitive skin without any irritation. Probiotics pave the path to a healthy life and a healthy life begins with the environment we surround ourselves in.

All Natural Cleaning Products

Probiotic cleaning products such as our All-Natural All-Purpose Cleaner is a worthy alternative to chemical-filled house cleaners. Instead of killing all the bacteria, our all-natural, all-purpose cleaner uses the power of probiotics to help deconstruct the biofilm--the food source of dust mites and bacteria--which destroys the bad bacteria and leaves the good intact. The All-Natural All-Purpose Cleaner is made without chlorine, bleach, and ammonia and is safe to use around children and pets. The best part is, this unique formula of probiotics works efficiently on all household surfaces! No more having to purchase 5 different cleaners to accommodate all of the surfaces within your home.

Our Probiotic Hand Cleaner eliminates bad bacteria and leaves your hands feeling smooth, clean, and refreshed. The best part is, the Probiotic Cleaning Travel Set meets all TSA airline regulations; since it is small and non-aerosol, it is safe to use onboard a plane. Add some freshness everywhere you go without harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance.

If you are an on-the-go kind of person, our Probiotic Cleaning Travel Set is the perfect match for you. The Travel Set includes our Spray Refresh To Go and our Probiotic Hand Cleaner. This set fits great in purses, gym bags, backpacks, and briefcases, and you can even store it in your car or keep it in your office. Spray Refresh To Go is a probiotic-packed fabric and air freshener that fights allergens, dust mites, and pet dander and leaves the air around you fresh, and filled with probiotics.

Our All-natural cleaning products powered by probiotics provides a safe and effective way to clean your home while being friendly to the environment indoors and outdoors.

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