About Us

We all want the same for our families — good health, pleasant living conditions, and quality time with one another. These principles guide us in everything that we do.

As the inventor of our proprietary probiotics-powered cleaning solution, Airbiotics is pioneering a new type of clean with natural and effective probiotic cleaning products. We’ve taken household cleaning to a whole new level — the microscopic level. We introduced the concept of deploying safe, environmental stabilizing probiotic protection against harmful indoor contaminants and allergens that can flourish indoors.

Developed in conjunction with leading scientists, biologists, engineers, and research labs, and extensively tested, our products work to restore the natural balance of your home’s ecosystem to create a healthy indoor environment.

While the science behind cleaning with probiotics is fascinating, it’s not science that drives us, but nature. We are inspired by the life we see all around us, big and small – and yes, the life we can’t see because it’s microscopic. This inspiration plus the desire to create healthier, happy homes led us to develop eco-friendly cleaning products.

Airbiotics makes life-enhancing products that:

  • Promote better health, not pose a risk to it
  • Reduce allergies and aid in dust mite prevention
  • Provide asthma safe cleaning power
  • Clean brilliantly, without noxious odors, the need for gloves, or heavy scrubbing
  • Are safe to use around kids, babies, pets, and the elderly
  • Are fast, easy to use, and effective
  • Produce a long-lasting clean for fewer chores and more quality time
  • Save you money

Airbiotics is based in Hollywood, Florida where our team continues its pioneering work in the new field of probiotic cleaning.

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