Children's Allergies

Can Probiotics help children with allergies?

Children’s Allergies

You may have heard this term buzzing around, gaining popularity over the past couple of years. Probiotics is the scientific term for “friendly bacteria.” Recent studies are saying that they will become the 21st century’s new antibiotics because they are proving to be more affective in not only fighting viruses, but also strengthening our immune system. Probiotics are responsible for 70-80% of our immune response, according to Casey Adams Ph. D.

For the Kiddos

Probiotics have proven to be essential for children with allergies. Exposure to these good bacteria early on will strengthen the immune system and will be conducive to fighting off any allergens that children may come into contact with and later on cause them to be allergic to.

Since children have weaker immune systems they are more likely to have inflammations to things adults may not. For example, pet dander, cigarette smoke and pollen, which can cause kids to get runny noses even when it doesn’t seem like they are being exposed to anything out of the ordinary.

So what’s the Solution?

Airbiotics is a huge benefit to children with allergies for many reasons. As mentioned, child exposure early on can reduce the risk of lifetime allergies.

Studies have also shown that long-term use can prevent respiratory diseases during cold season. It is no secret that a child with a cold is no angel, and with the use of Airbiotics, the duration and severity of colds can be reduced.

Airbiotics is here For You

Airbiotics Is Here For You

The path to curing children with allergies can be smooth with our products. We want to be the reason you and your child breathe easy and live a healthier life.

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