• What makes Airbiotic's products different from other products?
    Airbiotics created the next generation of eco-friendly cleaning products by harnessing nature to make our homes and workplaces cleaner and healthier. Unlike traditional cleaning materials, which works against nature, by destroying all bacteria, good or bad, which consequently changes the natural equilibrium of the environment, Our probiotic cleaning products use nature's intelligence to bring equilibrium back to our indoor spaces and stabilize the the environment. Hence, StaBiotics, stabilizing probiotics. Airbiotics products represent a new generation of cleaning products, containing good bacteria to replace ‘bad bugs’ such as Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Clostridium…
  • What are probiotics?
    Probiotics are safe and good bacteria imposing a health promoting effect on humans and animals.
  • How does Airbiotics stabiotic work?
    When Using Stabiotics a large portion of the pathogenic bacteria is removed by physical means as is the case with regular cleaning. The innovative aspect of Stabiotics is that immediately after cleaning; a layer of good bacteria is placed on the treated surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, beds, sanitary…). These good bacteria will immediately occupy all space, food and water, thereby preventing newly arriving pathogens from multiplying.
  • Are Airbiotics products disinfectants?
    No, Airbiotics products have no direct biocidal effect on other bacteria. As such, they will not lead to the build-up of resistance among pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Do I keep cleaning with traditional cleaners if using airbiotics products ?
    No, the best results with Airbiotics products are obtained when no disinfection is done anymore.
  • Are Airbiotics products safe to humans, is protective clothing recommended?
    Due to their biological nature, all Airbiotics products are perfectly safe, asthma friendly, environment friendly and harmless. No protective clothing is required and contact with bare skin will have no negative effect. Additional information on the safety aspects of our products can be found in the downloadable MSDS files of each product.
  • What are the optimal storage conditions for the Airbiotics products?
    Given the presence of probiotic bacteria in the products, storage between room temperature recommended. Direct sunlight is to be avoided.
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