All Natural Probiotic Hand Cleaner - 5 Pack

Rethink Clean Hands. Rethink Hand Cleaners.

Powered by probiotics to safely eliminate harmful bacteria and restore balance.

The world is a beautiful place...but messy! All-natural and eco-friendly, Probiotic Hand Cleaner is the healthier alternative. Just a few quick sprays and your hands will feel smooth and clean unlike any other hand cleaner.

Safe to use daily and throughout the day while you’re on the go. Perfect to use at work after that awkward handshake, for busy moms, kids who “swear they washed their hands”, at the gym for your hands and equipment, restaurants and eating on the go, in the car, while traveling and at hotels, and many many more uses…

Probiotic Hand Cleaner is gentle on your hands and does not use alcohol or other harsh chemicals like other products.

Proudly made without triclosanNon-toxic ingredients. No artificial scents.

Safe to use around kids and pets.

Alcohol Free, Non-Toxic, NON GMO, Cruelty Free, Allergy Free

Directions: Gently shake, spray 2-3 times over each hand, rub hands together until absorbed.


Pack of 5 hand cleaner 10 mL each 

Shelf Life: 2 years

Store indoors, away from direct sunlight

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